The New Press provides knowledge, premium themes, and technical services around WordPress to push your online publishing business to the next level.

Besides sharing and caring on our blog, we do website reviews, give talks, and trainings. Whatever is necessary in your very situation to improve your business.

Uploaded our first webpage around 1996 and never stopped learning.

Worked on small projects (weeks) and huge ones (multiple years, multiple teams). At/with companies like Burda, Holtzbrinck Digital, Design made in Germany, MoreSleep, agencies, individuals, and bloggers.

This is The New Press

Dominic migrated years of my content and pictures from Blogger to my own WordPress. No headaches, it just worked. Looks beautiful, too.Anna Weilberg @ Rosy Cheeks, Co-Founder of Femtastics

Mvsic is online music television re-imagined. Our little expirment from 2012 was inspired by the former days of MTV and lets users create full-window playlists from their favourite YouTube music videos.

The project was a cooperation with Design made in Germany.

Dominic delivered everything I wanted and what I needed on top. Completely trust his expertise and oppinion.Ariane Stippa, Owner @ Primer & Lacquer & editor @ Journelles

STADTKIND is an online magazine for and from Berlin. It’s one of our own projects. We pick and recommend fun events in or near Berlin.

It also features a monthly newsletter that is focused on music festivals and open air events.

In total this means tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of new subscribers each month.


Get in touch, so we can start something awesome together.


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